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Township Cans Receive a New Look

Posted by Mordechai Basch on

Maggots. Foul odors. Hard-to-reach rancid garbage deep in the bowels of your trash can. You know all the gripes that come along with the ubiquitous township cans that line the streets of your neighborhood. Once-a-week trash pickup and mounds of garbage pretty much ensure maggot infestation and eau de parfume ala smelly garbage.

Enter Plastic Mill, where we aim to provide simple solutions to your commercial and residential trash can woes. Heavy-duty, 100 -gallon capacity, these bags slip easily into your garbage can, preventing odors, maggots, and dirty messes. Come trash collection day, the bag and your mounds of garbage disappear leaving you with a clean can. You can knot the bag around the rim for reuse- the bag will remain in the can during trash collection.

Of course, you can get creative with these behemoth bags. Use them to store your outdoor lawn chairs, protect your bikes or grill, cover your outdoor central air conditioning fan for the winter, or storage of winter gear or miscellaneous paraphernalia, as a tarp... The options are endless

Plastic Mill has been receiving rave reviews from homeowners, housekeepers, superintendents, maintenance crews and contractors. As they gain popularity, these black, slick liners have been mushrooming around America, bringing new meaning to convenience and cleanliness.

Experience the difference of Plastic Mill's signature 100-gallon heavy-duty oversized trash bags.

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