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Green garbage bags can be a bit confusing since the term “green” is a hominin. Eco friendly garbage bags or “green trash bags” can be any color or condition as long as they are 100% biodegradable. After the compostable garbage bags are treated and broken down, what remains of them are little black shards of plastic. When sitting in the ground for months and years, microorganisms in the soil will eat away at these compostable fibers and eventually disappear. Environmentalist in the USA are trying to get brands on board to manufacture biodegradable garbage bags. Not having to have plastic accumulate would drastically reduce the amount of plastic left in the environment.

Besides for the eco friendly trash bags, there are garbage bags that are colored green. One might see these green trash bags being used for recycling or in a neighborhood cleanup campaign. One might even see green kitchen trash bags used in the home! In early spring my township gave everyone green tee shirts and green bags to do a park cleanup. It was fun and sent a message to the kids that everyone takes part in keeping our world clean. Shop our green garbage bags today!

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