7 Ways to Use Disposable Clear Plastic Tablecloths

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Halloween is over and it’s time to begin putting away those scary decorations. You choose to leave the pumpkins outside, letting them blend in with the fall leaves, giving the front porch a nice autumn look. It’s now time to begin working on your Thanksgiving dinner and which guests will you need to invite. Last year you forgot to invite Uncle Ed, and then you heard about that for the next year from your mother-in-law, “Don’t forget to call Ed about this year’s Thanksgiving dinner”. Ok, so if I invite Uncle Ed, that means I must invite Katherine (my mother- in- law’s single sister) to keep him entertained. The guest list is now twenty-five and I have not even started getting to the dinner menu.

I am anticipating a big turnout since ninety percent of the guests called me twice to notify me that they are coming. On top of that I need to prepare my husband’s man cave by four o’clock because his family’s favorite team, the Buffalo Bills are playing the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. That means, I need to add to my shopping list, munchies, drinks, dips, and everything else that comes with watching a football game. Two items I made sure to stock up on, heavy duty garbage bags and disposable clear plastic tablecloths for sale. No matter how many tables need to be set that day, I will be prepared with clear plastic tablecloth covers. When the party's over, it’s a simple and quick cleanup. Knowing that cleanup is under control with clear plastic table covers can help a host enjoy Thanksgiving just a bit more.

Besides for the benefit of containing your Thanksgiving mess, there are several other advantages of having heavy duty plastic tablecloths around.

# 1 Corporate workplace cleanup – Manufacturing facilities and the common workplace are often subjected to a big mess after employees eat. Whether it's lunch being served for workers on an assembly line or a catered dinner for the late hour attorneys at a law firm, after everyone is finished eating, a big mess remains. In most cases, business owners won’t even bat an eyelash and assume that the custodian will deal with the cleanup, no matter how long it takes. But what if you would help them out by having them prepare the tables with a clear plastic tablecloth? You won't lose the classiness and meal cleanup can be done with ease.

# 2 Healthy eating & meditation groups – Recently I found out that there are groups which work on eating and living healthy. This is not just ten to twenty people; we are talking about hundreds of members attending the same group which works on healthier eating. Sessions occur maybe once or twice a week and presenters are chosen to show healthy delicacies. At the presentation a long table is set up, where members can choose to partake in what's being presented and engage socially. The table sometimes can extend to 100 feet and without a roll of clear plastic tablecloths there is no way they would be able to contain such a mess.

# 3 Covering projects in a workshop – Many people who are handy have made themselves workshops in their garage or shed. On Saturday, they will usually work on a home improvement or engage in a hobby which they enjoy. Very often it will involve painting and staining an item which then needs to dry. It could be at that point you’ll want to find an empty area for your item to sit and dry. At this point, the last thing you want is for something to fall on it. This can cause great heartache as you just spent two hours on sanding, staining, sanding, and staining. A great idea would be to cover it with a large thick plastic tablecloth. The item will be fully transparent and fully protected from the elements floating around in your work shack.

# 4 Mobile auto bodywork – It happened! your brand-new car got scratched. Last night you had to go out and get some milk & eggs, and some shopping cart was up against your vehicle. Pretty frustrating, correct? You go to the auto body shop and you find out that this little nick is going to cost five hundred dollars. You go into a local automotive parts shop and you purchase a scratch repair kit for eighteen dollars. Now you need to figure out how to make sure the areas which are good are covered properly. That’s where a durable plastic cover can be a big help. Simply dispense the perfect amount of plastic, cover the non-scratched area, and begin working on filing down the scratch. After it’s sanded down, you are ready to apply the solution to the area which needs to be repaired.

# 5 Home paint projects – As a homeowner you have finally come to terms that the inside of your house needs to be repainted. Professionals recommend that the interior of your home should be repainted every five to seven years. Well now it’s been almost ten years and the stains and chips are just getting to you. Before beginning any DIY paint project, you want to make sure that you cover all couches and furniture. Instead of buying expensive tarps and drop cloths, try using a heavy clear plastic tablecloth cover. Since it comes on a roll, you will have the flexibility to extend the plastic cover for as many feet as you need. After all the scraping and sanding, lots of dust and particles get blown into the air, which is why it's important that all the furniture is properly covered. When all the walls are dry, cleanup is simple as pie. Just remove the plastic covers carefully and dispose into a contractor garbage bag.

# 6 Protecting mattress with plastic – No one likes to ask friends “How to protect a mattress from bedwetting, sweat, and other bodily fluids?”. One can purchase a waterproof mattress protector basic but after a few months and multiple washes it may get worn down and the moisture will seep through. A sixty-six-inch-wide plastic tablecloth should give you plenty of coverage on twin and queen mattresses. If you need to use more than one, double up one on top of the other and use boxing tape to connect the two. After the plastic is spread over the whole mattress, tug it under and tape to the bottom with duct tape. This covering method can be used for protecting a mattress when moving or placing in storage. It’s recommended to choose a plastic thickness of one millimeter or higher. Very often flimsy plastic rips and then the cover needs to be replaced.

# 7 Winterize your windows with plastic – With the winter almost here, are your windows protected from cold drafts? This could impact both your gas bill and more importantly the folks who live with you in your home. Some masters just tell the family members to put on layers. As a matter of fact, on January 22, 1977, President Jimmy Carter ordered the White House to turn its thermostat to 65 degrees one cold winter night. Assuming you’re not the type to do that, you still want to make sure your windows are sealed properly and cover them with plastic. Instead of buying a window insulator sealing kit, one can accomplish the same by using clear plastic tablecloth covers on a roll. All you need is a roll of double-sided tape which the plastic can be attached to. Once secure against the window, take a blow dryer and run it over the edges until the plastic gets to a snug fit. This will help keep the house a bit warmer during the cool winter months.

Whether it's your next party or event, try and prepare yourself by figuring out ways to make the workload easier. For example, no one will know that you purchased the stuffing and sides for the Thanksgiving dinner. Prepare with elegant plastic tableware instead of dishes which need to be scrubbed and cleaned after everyone goes home. If you're anticipating having lots of guests, reach out to one of them and ask them if they would mind helping with meal preparation and cleanup. You will be surprised how they might just feel by joining the host in the kitchen. Some guests feel very privileged to be allowed into the host’s kitchen.

The main thing is to try and enjoy your guests as much as possible. People came from far distances and sat through traffic and the last thing they want is to be greeted by a harried host. Just like coaches go into a game well prepared, so do you need to go in prepared for a family gathering. Keeping calm is key to making everyone happy. Sometimes things might not go as anticipated and that throws things off and intensifies the situation. If you’ve already accepted that not everything will run smoothly you won’t be surprised when it happens. Stay cool under all circumstances and make meal preparation and cleanup as less stressful as possible.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving🦃


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