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How could the simple garbage bag get into the middle of a national election dispute? As we all know by now Joe Biden will most likely be our new president elect come this January 2021. Many Americans from both the political and private arenas are questioning the validity of the 2020 presidential elections due to alleged voter fraud. How will the new president gain the confidence of those who did not vote for him? There may always be a doubt in their minds if the vote was an honest one. Continue reading this post about possible 2020 voter fraud.

Objectors claim various possible scenarios of election corruption in several key swing states, starting from the suspicious voting machine program to the appearance and disappearance of unused and completed voting ballots found in various trash bags at various voting facilities. 

Eric Coomer and Chris Krebs are key players in the Dominion Voting System. This system is responsible for much of the voting tabulations during this election. Coomer claims that the election systems have multi-layer security certification standards. These standards include verification and testing by independent laboratories. Coomer does admit that there can be software glitches, however he vehemently denies the reporting of any fraud or switching of votes by the Dominion voting system. He asserts that after the results of the elections were submitted to a state reporting site, the errors were identified and corrected right away. Coomer purports that this is very normal in every election. Director Coomer had taken these accusations very personally and objected emphatically to any connection to the Antifa movement. He stated that his personal life has suffered by forcing him and his family to leave their home out of fear. 

  • What about the allegations that ballots were found in trash bags in several locations?
  • Who would ever think that the need for strong garbage bags has nothing to do with cleanliness and everything to do with the secret disposal of election ballots? 

September 26, 2020

On Saturday September 26, 2020, there were lots of questions to be answered at the Luzerne County Elections Bureau in Pennsylvania. According to The Luzerne county manager, C. David Pedri, the office trash was discarded incorrectly by a temporary independent contractor who was hired to sort out the mail. UMOVA (ballots, ballots from overseas and the military), were mistakenly dumped into the office trash cans. According to the United States District Attorney’s office of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, nine ballots were found in a dumpster adjacent to the elections building. Seven other ballots were found that were votes for President Trump. Two other ballots were found resealed inside the original envelopes. 

Pedri assured all that each garbage bag from the whole building was searched by the FBI, the District Attorney’s office of Luzerne, the Pennsylvania police department as well as the Luzerne County staff. How were these people planning to solve this problem? One problem was that the ballots are not allowed to be opened by just anyone. The second problem is the election ballot staff needed to have extra training and the installation of security cameras was only done after the problems arose. The third problem is how can a voting venue use a temporary contractor to sort out such important documents putting them in jeopardy?

October 18, 2020

In the town of Sammamish, Washington, as early as October 18, 2020, police were investigating the theft of two garbage bags of mail which carried within them several ballots. Also, several unopened mail-in ballots were found in incorrect mailboxes. The United States Postal Service was the agency that was responsible for delivering about ninety percent of the ballots to residents of Sammamish. The police were called in and had to get involved when there were reports of a substantial number of ballots that were stolen and placed in incorrect mailboxes. Shouldn’t there be a government agency with specially secured trucks to deliver such valuables? Ballot carriers are delivering the freedom to vote honestly to the citizens of this great country. Banks would never let money be delivered by the US Postal Service; they have special armored trucks for that. 

November 19, 2020

The election for state senator in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a remarkably close call between Democratic candidate, Jim Brewster and Republican candidate, Nicole Ziccarelli. Brewster was ahead in the final count by only sixty-nine votes. Brewster was leading because an Allegheny County judge ruled in favor of certain mail-in ballots that were not filled out properly. The voters neglected to fill out the date of their vote on the outer ballot which is required by law. The board of elections ruled that these votes could be counted, however, Ziccarelli took this ruling to the federal court. If the improper votes are disqualified, she would win by twenty votes. Lawyers of Allegheny County have insisted that there is no tolerance in the election code for invalidating ballots on a technicality. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania argued that it is dangerous to allow each county to opt on which laws are binding and which are not in an election. 

December 20, 2020 (Brewster - Zaccarelli) *Update*

Officially the state Supreme Court has affirmed the inclusion of the questionable ballots. They would be counted with a declaration of Brewster as the winner and the votes certified officially. Ziccarelli, like President Trump has not given up the fight. Ms. Ziccarelli's lawyer was quite surprised with the certification stating that if only the legal votes were counted his client would win. Her lawyer filed a federal court action that charged violations of the United States Constitution. Each county for the forty-fifth Senatorial handled the votes with their own rules causing “an Equal Protection Violation”. 

Above are just three examples of the different way’s voter fraud can take place. One would assume that voting ballots would have much too much significance and importance to be placed in trash bags no matter how strong the bags are. Unless they had used clear bags, the secretiveness of the dispute cannot be denied. Even with all his expertise and confidence in the Dominion software voting system, the director of the system, Eric Coomer admitted, “That in any system there is potential for human error, but the electoral process is designed with checks and tools to specifically identify when these situations arise.” 

On the other hand, advocates for the belief that the voting system was rigged intentionally, continue to fight for their rightful votes. Even if the system was rigged, it was done in such a sophisticated and complex way that there is probably not much that can be done by inauguration time. This was not the first time that this has happened in an American presidential election. With the Gore-Bush controversy in 2000, by November 26 the vote was certified giving the win to Bush. Gore had won the popular vote but lost the election after Florida certified the votes with Bush as the winner. In1876, the presidential election between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes of Ohio and Democrat Samuel J. Tilden of New York was also contested. 

It seems quite antiquated that in the year 2020 the voting experience is not more technologically advanced. Another interesting tidbit is the way the poll workers handled the COVID-19 problem which leaves much room for improvement. 

October 30,2020

For example, the poll workers in Brookfield, Wisconsin were quite concerned about how they would handle the pandemic regarding ballot contamination. The newly opened Brookfield Conference Center became a consolidated single voting site. City workers dressed in protective equipment to service this lone voting site. They were extremely careful as to how they handled the ballots of voters who had tested positive for COVID-19.  People who were COVID-19 positive, called ahead to drop off their ballots, which were placed in trash bags that were later disinfected. Simple disinfecting sprays were used to spray the envelopes that were then left to dry. 

The 2020 elections will be one that will go down in history for several reasons. One reason is that despite the threat of the COVID-19 virus millions of patriotic Americans came out to vote. No one can blame the elderly or sick individuals for voting by mail. However, we were warned by no one other than the President himself that there would be trouble with the write-in ballots. (In this article we did not even touch on the accusation of the voting of dead people or non- citizens.) 

It is so perplexing why the election officials could not have put together a more efficient voting program that would have prevented so much uncertainty in such an uncertain year. I remember during the 1960’s how young adults were fighting to lower the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen citing the premise that if you are old enough to fight, you are old enough to vote. This was during the Vietnam War era when so many eighteen-year-olds were fighting and dying for our country. So far, there are many more questions than answers. Such a privilege should not be taken lightly. I think trash bags are great, I use them all the time and could not live without them. However, they certainly have no place in a potential voter fraud coverup.

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