5 Ways to Prevent Your Trash Bag From Slipping

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No longer will you have to worry about slipping trash bags that necessitate digging into the bowels of your extra large can to fish out your trash bag. While slipping trash bags may rate near the top of “Life’s Little Annoyances,” (somewhere between getting stepped on by 3-inch high heel wearing women and paper cuts) here are five ways to prevent your trash bag from sliding out of sight.

1. Jumbo Rubber Bands:

These extra large rubber bands are the ultimate solution for how to keep a trash bag from slipping. Sold individually packaged or 5 per package, these guys prevent 65, 95, or 100 Gallon trash bags from slipping into your trash can. It’s easy as 1,2, 3.


1. Line your trash can with the appropriate sized trash bag, with a few inches of overhang.
2. Fold the bag over the lip of the trash can.
3. Stretch the rubber band and secure over the can rim
On trash day, all you have to do is lower the rubber band so the bag will slip out easily. Once garbage has been removed, repeat. How convenient!

2. Binder Clips


Get a grip on slipping bags by clamping a versatile, extra-large binder clip over the garbage bag. You can purchase this simple solution at any office supply store. Simply line your can with a trash bag, fold the overhang over the can’s lip and clamp the binder clip over the bag and trash can lip, securing it in place. After straightening the metal clips, the can’s lid should still fit securely over it. How’s that for a quick-fix?

3. Tie the Knot

DSC_5862-Edit (1000x544)

Knot one corner of a trash bag prior to placing it in a trash can. Then, fold the bag over the lip of the can. Alternatively, if the can has any slits or grooves, slip a corner of the bag through each slit and knot (as pictured).

4. Glue Dots


Place some adhesive glue dots strategically around the rim area of the trash can, as well as on the top inch or two of the trash bag. Insert the bag and fold over the lip, pressing down to ensure the bag adheres to the can. Glue dots are easily removable for trash day or can clean up.

5. Trash Bag Cinch

These cinches help keep bin liners in place by cinching the trash bag to keep things in place.

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