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Bags have been used for thousands of years and it has evolved with the introduction of technology and the numerous innovations happening at the moment. There are unique types of plastic bags on the market and some cater for only women, men or even children. Each gender has its own specialty bags and there are bags that are unisex and can be used by both genders.

These bags include;

1. Trash bags and garbage bags

35 gallon

Bin bags, trash bags, and garbage bags are the same bag in different names but hey are disposable. These bags were created for the purpose of containing trash or garbage. These bags are great for the purpose of lining the insides of waste bins or waste containers to prevent it from becoming coated with the garbage. These bags are usually made out of plastic in and they are very lightweight. They are also useful in case you have a messy or wet trash because you can tie it in order to prevent any foul odors from seeping out of your trash bin.

2. Plastic bags

Blue, 1.5 Mil, 50X48, 100 Bags.

These types of bags come in a variety of colors and uses and they are made of plastic as the name suggests. These bags are generally carrier bags and packaging tools. Plastic bags can be multipurpose in the home and they can be recycled as well.

3. Kitchen bags

7-10 gallon

Kitchen bags serve the same purpose as plastic bags and trash bags. They can be used to store trash in the kitchen before they are taken out or to carry groceries when you are going to the market.

4. Drawstring bags

White, .7 MIL, 17x16, Select Case.

Drawstring bags are a fun customizable tool that many companies use for promotions and they are a popular giveaway item in a variety of events.

5. Office bags 

35 gallon

Office bags are  bags that are used to carry any supplies or items that you may need in the office. They include briefcases, laptop bags, messenger bags, and many others. They are made of very strong materials like canvas and leather as  these office bags are used to carry very heavy objects.

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